14 May 2018


I lost my cat on Saturday. It was sudden, and I am heartbroken. Desi would have been twelve in August, and he is the only cat I have ever raised from a kitten. He was abandoned in a public park with his siblings at the tender age of five weeks, and I was fortunate enough to adopt him.

He started his life with me, being hand fed baby cereal, and he and I bonded in a way I have never quite bonded with another animal.

I went to Mass the day Desi passed away. That evening, I raised my eyes to the crucifix, and it occurred to me that Desi was a gift on loan to me--a gift from his Creator. Yes, I am heartbroken that we didn't have more time together, but I am grateful that God gave him to me in the first place. It is going to take me a long time to get over his death. He has left his paw print in my heart.

08 May 2018

Enjoy the Cherry Blossoms

The cherry blossoms are fading now. It’s funny how things are. Many years ago I took a class on Japanese culture. It was required that every student take a culture class. I don't remember why I chose that particular class. There were many other cultures to choose from. But my Japanese culture class seems to be the class that has stayed with me the longest. I remember so many beautiful things from that class. To this day, I am still drawn to Japanese art. I even have a cat named Fuji, which translates into wisteria.

The cherry blossom is greatly favored in Japanese culture as a reminder that things are fleeting. Nothing is permanent. It's strange. I just recently realized my character Ali from Incorruptible is a manifestation of the things I have carried with me from that class so many years ago. Enjoy the cherry blossoms. They are fading now. Tomorrow they will be gone.

04 May 2018

Why I Haven't Posted

I haven't posted on this blog in a while. There are a few reasons.

First, I've been busy re-editing and re-formatting my first two novels. After a lot of consideration, I decided to return and redo both novels to match Incorruptible. I'm so happy with the results, and it feels as if I am moving to a new stage in my writing.

Second, I've been doing a great deal of research on marketing. I've learned a lot in the last few months, and I'm slowly beginning to implement some of the things I've learned. It's difficult. Marketing is a full-time job, and I already have a full-time job. So in addition to finding time to write and other obligations, marketing full-time is impossible. But I know it falls on me anyway. So I do what I can, where I can.

Third, I've been writing the first book of my new series. I'm just about finished with the first draft. I've chosen a title for the first installment, and those who have signed up for my newsletter will be the first to know its title and the series title. You can sign up for my newsletter here