07 October 2017

New Business Cards

I decided to order myself some business cards from Vistaprint. That is where I get all my promotional items. Not that I have tons of promotional items!

It may seem odd for an author to carry business cards, but many times I've been caught off guard by someone asking about my books. In the past, I've directed them to Amazon. Now, I'll have a card directing them to my blog.

I've had bookmarks and postcards printed before, but they are only good for book giveaways and book signings. They're not really something you would carry around in the event you meet an inquiring mind.

Here is my new business card design. I should receive them next week.

06 October 2017

My Tagline and God's Grace

I’ve been working hard on my branding. I’ve read a lot, but I’ve observed a lot, too. With a subject like branding, you learn more by observation than reading.

I’ve been perusing the Twitter and Instagram pages and the websites of various authors. I’ve seen what I like and what I don’t like. I see how some branding hits you immediately, and some, not so much. I’ve put myself in the role of reader instead of author, and I’ve tried to see what works for me—what would prompt me to read a book from an author I’m unfamiliar with.

My own author branding has been difficult to build. That is, until I took a step back and tried to see myself from the viewpoint of a potential reader. What would I like to see on a webpage? What would invite me to take a closer look? What would I want to know about this author besides the fact that she writes from a Catholic perspective?

So I decided to add a tagline. I’ve been wrestling with this idea for a while, but I finally decided in favor of adding one. The phrase comes from my first novel, and it has stuck with me throughout the many phases of my writing. I always seem to go back to that simple (perhaps redundant) quote from Scott James, the wounded and scarred police officer in A Future Spring. At a point in the novel he tells Ginny, “there is always a chance for a new beginning.”

And that is what grace is about. God’s grace gives us new beginnings all the time. But, it is up to the individual to embrace it. And that is the main point of my writing, I think, grace, handed out to my characters. Ultimately, it is up to each character to take the chance (to embrace it or not) and to write their own endings. 

05 October 2017

Kazuo Ishiguro wins the Nobel Prize in Literature

It was announced today that Kazuo Ishiguro won the Nobel Prize in Literature. Usually, I don’t care about things like this. But, the news made me happy. Ishiguro is one of my favorite authors and The Remains of the Day is one of my favorite books. I’ve read almost all of Ishiguro’s books, and his prose is beautiful. His writing takes me back to days past.

They say people are surprised by the Academy's choice, and I guess I am too. In an age where everything is commercialized and everything is a popularity contest, he does seem like a surprising choice. But, I am overjoyed, just the same. 

Congratulations to him.