14 December 2017

Preparing Incorruptible for Formatting

This week I am back to Incorruptible. I am reading through it one last time and preparing it for formatting. Sometimes I wonder how I even wrote it. It's almost as if you go into some sort of autopilot when you are writing, and then afterward, you see it for the first time. I've had enough distance now, and I'm able to read it as a reader instead of writer. Dare I say it? I'm really proud of this one.

I think I am in a good place with Incorruptible. I am just about ready to say good-bye and send it out to the world.

I'm leaving book four go for now. I need to distance myself from that manuscript and sort out some things. It is a really good first draft, but there are themes and characters that need developing. Now is the time to sort it all out in my mind and do a little more research. The second draft will go more smoothly if I step back and brainstorm for a while. But a strange thing has happened. I feel like I'm abandoning my characters, and I miss them. For the last six weeks I have spent every day with them, so I guess it is understandable.

07 December 2017

I'm Back on Facebook (Ugh)

Well, I'm back on Facebook (ugh). If you read my blog, you know I am not a fan of Facebook. But, after being away from it for almost two years now, I've decided to return.

Why you ask?

Okay, maybe you didn't ask, but I'll tell you anyway. The rumor I'm spreading is that I returned because Robert Downey, Jr. is just not that active on Twitter. (He's not.)

But the real reason for my return is that there are some groups that do live chats on Facebook, so I needed to break down and join up again. One group does a live chat every Sunday evening, and I know there is a wealth of information I am missing.

Of all the social media out there, I personally prefer Twitter. It is more to the point (the editor in me) and I think it's more streamlined. Facebook is an even worse mess than when I left it, and I'm just learning my way around right now. I didn't think it was possible, but they have made it even more distracting and difficult to navigate (ugh). Hopefully, I'll be able to figure out how to join the live chat.

My plan is to keep things simple this time. No author page--just a personal page. I always had a difficult time separating the author from the person, what to post where, so a combined page seems best. I've used this past year to uncover my branding, so my page should be a nice subtle combination of the person and the author. That is the hope anyway.

If you want to find me on Facebook. Here is the link. I'll be the one stumbling around trying to figure out how to use messenger.

27 November 2017

NaNoWriMo Winner

Yes, I did it. I wrote 50,000 words in November. I actually wrote 51,534 words, and the first draft of my novel isn't really finished. I still have a few loose ends to tie up.

I really surprised myself. I didn't think I could do it. However, I can't say it was easy. I used just about every spare minute I had writing. Staying up late. Getting up early. But that wasn't even the most difficult part. The most difficult part was putting together a plot--a plot that makes sense. And I think I've achieved that. My plot is a pretty good one, and now I need to delve deeper into my characters and make the story better.

Editing is my favorite part of writing. And usually I edit as I go. With this novel, I couldn't do that. There just wasn't time, so it's going to be an extra special treat for me to go back to page one and spend more quality time with my characters.

I've decided to make this novel into a series. I don't like trilogies. I usually get bored by the time I get to the third book. I'm not fond of sequels either. I like to have some closure when I finish a book. So my plan is to have two or three or dare I say more books that will center around one family, but each book will be a stand alone novel. I did something similar with AFS and Vocation. Each could be read alone, yet there is a connection between the stories. There is actually a connection between AFS and Incorruptible, but I won't give it away. It will be a surprise.

I realized as I was writing this book that there was so much to explore and it couldn't be done with one book, so I'm going to continue on and see where the next story takes me.

Now that book four is well on it's way, I'll be going back to Incorruptible to do the final edit and send it off for formatting.

It's a pretty exciting time in my writing life.