12 November 2015

Miss Cathy's New Bracelet

Originally Posted on January 20, 2015
Miss Cathy has a new bracelet. And here is the story of how she got her new bracelet.

Maddie loves to read and she likes to visit the library where Miss Cathy works.

One day Maddie came to the library wearing a beautiful bracelet she made with her new loom.
Miss Cathy admired her bracelet and asked Maddie if she would make her one. Now, Miss Cathy knows girls like Maddie are very busy, so she was in no hurry for her new bracelet.

The days passed, and Miss Cathy forgot all about her bracelet. But Maddie didn’t forget.
Last Saturday, Maddie came to visit all the librarians at the library, and she brought Miss Cathy her new bracelet.

Miss Cathy loves her new bracelet because it brightens her day. Miss Cathy wears a lot of black and gray, so a pink and orange rubber band bracelet is just what she needs in her wardrobe.

But that is not the only reason her new bracelet brightens her day. The real reason her new bracelet brightens her day is, because every time Miss Cathy wears it, she thinks of Maddie and how kind she was to make Miss Cathy such a wonderful gift.

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