17 February 2016

The Joy and Pain of Writing

Today I am writing the last sentences of the first draft of Vocation. Very soon Bridget’s story will join the world of published books. The idea of sending Bridget out on her own is both exciting and frightening.

Vocation is a special book because there was a real possibility that it would never be finished. It took 2 ½ years to write. There were weeks that went by that I didn’t add one word to the draft, and at one point I wanted to scrap the whole project. It wasn’t writer’s block. It was more than that. During the writing of Vocation I went through some personal changes, and in many ways, those changes affected my writing.

The process of writing can bring you joy and pain. Writing changes you because it forces you to look at yourself in ways that you just don’t in your normal waking life. Publishing a book also brings joy and pain. The joy comes with seeing your dream fulfilled; the pain comes with facing your limitations.

Bridget has changed me, in a sense. Her journey became my journey. I am anxious to share her story with the world. There is also some apprehension, fear of how it will be received. But overall there is a feeling of freedom. I have grown as a writer and as a person, and I am ready to meet the next challenge. 


  1. Very insightful. I am looking forward to reading your second book!

  2. There's no limitations anymore! You're doing what you love and therefore makes you an unstoppable woman! Whatever you publish, if you love it, the world love it. Yay for following dreams!

    1. Thanks, Ashley. This means a lot coming from an artist like you!