09 May 2016

Regaining My Perspective

My Father passed away on March 31, 2016. As my faithful blog readers, you know this. What you may not know is that he was in the hospital for the full month of March. He entered the hospital in late February for a procedure. He was then transferred to a skilled nursing center for physical therapy. He stayed there for about a week, and then he was transferred back to the hospital. This happened twice, and the last time he went to the hospital, he stayed there for five days until he was transferred to hospice for the last week of his life.

I remember the day I received the phone call that my father was being sent to the emergency room for the first time. I was sitting at my computer getting ready to revise the first draft of my second novel. I was just about ready to open the file, when I received that call. The date was March 6. I remember because my husband’s uncle was buried the day before.  

I remember sitting at my writing table cleaning out my files. I was cleaning up my hard drive, preparing for a long day of revisions, but it never happened. I was called away to the emergency room.

I have not touched my manuscript since that day. In fact, besides this blog, I have not written a single word.  

Many times, since that phone call, the thought has crossed my mind to scrap the whole project. It seemed worthless, in view of the reality of life. The whole thing seemed silly, really. Who cares, when people face daily . . . a reality you cannot overcome . . . death. I guess I was depressed. It is part of the grieving process, as they say.

Then I heard a homily last week that made me see things in a new way. The priest who gave the homily told us we need to be Christ in the world, not just in our actions but in our voice.

My writing is my voice.

It seemed as if God was speaking to me through this priest, and I realized that there is something I need to say, and for a brief time I had lost my perspective.

So this week I will begin my revisions. That homily made me realize that I do have a message to share, and that message is hidden in the pages of my novel.  

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