06 June 2016

Update on Vocation

Last week I received a gentle reminder that I have not written a blog in a month. It is true, and it is nice to know that someone noticed. Although I haven’t written a blog, I have been writing and re-writing and re-writing.

For weeks now I have been reading and revising Vocation, and I can finally say I am in the last stages.

After I received feedback from my critique partners, I was back to my manuscript changing things, adding things, and deleting things, and the process is not done once. It is done many times until everything “fits” together in the best way I know how.

After weeks of revisions, I am finally ready to do the final one. This last revision is my favorite part of writing a novel. The story is done. The characters are developed. The hard work is over. Now I can sit back and re-read my novel one more time, sentence by sentence, choosing the right word and the right phrasing to tell my story. This is a long process, and it cannot be rushed, so I have to resign myself to the fact that it will be a few more weeks until I send Vocation out for technical help—proofreading and formatting.

I also spent some time this last week writing the first scene of my third novel. Novel three (it has no title yet) has been brewing in my mind, and I had to sit down and get some things typed out.

When Vocation is sent for proofreading and formatting, I will be free to start devoting more time to the next novel that is now bursting to come out, and it is an exciting time. I honestly don’t know where this novel will go, and I am eager to find out. And the whole process will start all over again with a new story and a new set of characters.

And characters will be the subject of my next blog.

Until then . . . 

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