26 July 2016

Summertime Blues

I am not a summer person. I never have been. And this summer is really beginning to cramp my style. Right now it is brutal with temperatures in the 90s and humidity of 98%.  I don’t like summer. I never have.

I am not one to worship the sun, in fact, I am overly sensitive to it. I have fair skin that doesn’t really tan, and I’ve become even more sensitive with the immunosuppressant drug I take to treat my Crohn’s. It makes you even more susceptible to melanoma, and because it suppresses my immune system, something as simple as a bug bite turns into a massive inflamed mess on my skin.

Then there is the muscle aches and joint pain. The constant change in temperature from hot and humid outdoors, to cold air conditioning indoors, wreaks havoc on my body, creating pain, and this summer has been the worst so far.

But the main reason this summer is beginning to cramp my style is that I have wanted to paint my father’s desk. I have been planning it for weeks, but there is just no way to paint something in this kind of weather. If I could deal with the joint pain, muscle aches, and humidity, I might give it a try, but I wonder just how long it would take for the paint to actually dry.  Does paint dry in humid air, thick enough to cut with a knife? So it just isn’t going to work out—not until we get some cool fall weather, and I’ve now resigned myself. I’ll just have to wait, and it gives me one more reason to love the cool fall weather.

I was hoping to write my third novel on my father’s newly painted desk, but as things are going, it may have to wait until book four. The good news is while I’m waiting for summer to pass by, I have been writing. I am now 39,000 words into book three. I am well into the plot now, and there is still no signs of stopping. Hopefully, I’ll have a title soon. I know eventually a title will pop out of the pages. 

And an update on Vocation. It is still with my proofreader. There is no word on a publication date yet.

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