01 July 2016

What I'm Up To

So . . . what have I been up to? Writing and more writing, with a little reading in between. Vocation was passed off to my proofreader, and the plot to book three is flying onto the pages. I am surprised by this because I didn’t really know the plot was already that developed in my mind, but I am 15,000 words into it, and there are no signs of stopping right now. (Just for reference A Future Spring is 65,000 words and Vocation is 55,000). I know eventually I will hit a wall. There are always plot problems, but for now, I am just enjoying the process. It is exciting because the story is telling itself, and even I don’t know where it is going. I also have some interesting characters along for the ride—one whom I have grown extremely fond of. He is probably my favorite character in all my books. That itself is exciting.

I am also getting ready to paint my father’s desk. I hope to dive into that project next week. I bought some things to personalize the desk—make it literary. I was thinking of going two ways. I have two favorite books, and I wanted to use themes from one of them to provide writing inspiration. I had to choose only one, which was hard, but I chose, and when the desk is finished, I will have the big reveal. 

That’s about it for now.    

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