30 August 2016

Book Three Has a Title

Finally, book three has a title. It is a title I have been avoiding since I began writing the novel back on June 18.  But I have come to learn that novels have minds of their own. They fool you into thinking you are in control, but you are not. They are in control, and we, as authors, just have to give in, stand back, and let it happen.

So, book three will be titled, Incorruptible. That has always been the title, really. I just couldn’t admit it. 

There are several reasons why I fought against this title. First, there are several books already claiming the title on Amazon. Second, it is too much like Vocation. Third, it seemed too simple, and I was looking for something more sublime. But then, I gave in because it is the best title, and like Vocation, Incorruptible carries with it more than one meaning. It is simple yet complex, and ultimately, I am happy with the title.

Incorruptible now has a word count of 68,000 words, and I still have a lot of story to go.

I also received the manuscript for Vocation back from my proofreader. I have been working on the revisions, and I should be done this week. I am also in the process of formatting Vocation. In some ways it is a simple process. In other ways, it is a difficult process. Every time you change a font or change spacing, you have to go through the whole manuscript again to be sure it all flows right. I admit, I am a bit of a perfectionist, and one line out of place will nag at me, but when the process is over, I will be very proud of myself.

Finally, I snapped this photograph on the way to work today . . .

Fall is coming! I know some people will find it sad because summer is ending. So, I leave you with a quote from my soon-to-be published, Vocation.

"All life is a series of beginnings and endings. The seasons change, but so does all of creation. And she, as part of God's creation, was about to embrace a beginning in her own life--and an ending."

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