17 September 2016

I Must Be A Masochist

I had the grand idea of formatting not just my second novel, but going back and re-formatting my first novel. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Two weeks later, I am finishing up the tremendous job I was not really prepared for. Never let it be said that I do anything the easy way.

After reviewing the proof copy of Vocation, I had to correct some typographical errors and some formatting problems. I resubmitted the file. Now I await for the review again, and then I will once again, read the whole darn novel again to be absolutely sure that I am happy with the manuscript. I'm not talking about plot. I'm talking about grammar. I have discovered no matter how many times a manuscript is proofed, it still need one more proofreading. Of course, at some point, I have to resign myself to the fact that I am human, and unlike Stephen King, I don't have a publishing company behind me to do all these pesky editing things. I am a one-man production show, which limits me greatly.

However, I do not want my book to be viewed as amateurish, either. I am prideful and a mistake(s) in my book will nag at me, as it did for two years with AFS. So that is why I am revisiting my first book, and it has really been painstaking. But the work has paid off. It is cleaner, more concise, and I can finally relax a little--fixing those things that nagged at me for so long. The real problem came with the formatting for the Kindle version, and if I had read the step-by-step instructions, I could have saved myself a lot of pain, frustration, and time.

First, it was the Table of Contents--real easy to do, if I knew I had to do it. But I didn't even think of that--until it didn't show up in my Kindle book. Then it was the page breaks. Again, real simple to do, if you read the directions. But . . . I didn't.

The good news is . . . after two weeks of reading, editing, formatting, proofing, reading, editing, proofing, reformatting, I am just about ready. Just about? Well, I need to proof the proof one last time.

Now that, my readers, is the painful side of writing.

Now for the fun side . . .

Here are my two Morse code bracelets. I purchased them from an Etsy seller. Each bracelet spells out the name of one of my characters in Morse code. I won't tell you what they spell. It is a secret, but it is super cool to have my characters with me all day. They are like real people to me. And when I look at my bracelets, I forget about all the pain and suffering of formatting, editing, proofing, and reformatting because it is all about my characters and getting their story told!

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