08 September 2016

It's Been a Three-Ring Circus

While I was waiting for the specs for Vocation to be reviewed, I decided to reformat A Future Spring. I have said from the beginning that my first two books would be companion books, so I wanted to format AFS to match Vocation. The formatting for AFS was fine, but I wanted to get a little more creative with Vocation, so that forced me to make the decision to reformat AFS to reflect a more updated look. I also wanted to update my author bio and add an "also by" page to AFS. I guess I am looking beyond my local market now and focusing on a wider audience. 

I have learned a lot about writing, formatting, publishing, and marketing since AFS was published back in February, 2014. The road with Vocation has been much easier to travel because I learned from the mistakes I made the first time around. Now, it is time to go back and fix those mistakes, using the knowledge I have gained in the last two years. This, of course, turned into a tremendous task. 

While I was updating AFS, I was also working on Incorruptible. Then the proof copy of Vocation arrived, so I am dropping everything to review that. So right now, I am in various stages of all three books.

I am fairly certain that October will see the publication of Vocation and the revised publication of AFS. Then I will be able to refocus on Incorruptible, and I imagine book three will be a breeze with everything I have learned

Here is my proof copy of Vocation with her sister, AFS. A Future Spring is no longer an only child!

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