30 September 2016

Vocation Has Arrived

Yesterday, I received my first shipment of Vocation, and I snapped a picture when I opened the box. This is the most exciting thing about writing novels--seeing three years of work finally in book form. My first order will be for local sales and give aways.

Again, my approach to book two will be very different than book one. I am a little more seasoned now, and I have learned what doesn't work. I'm still not sure what does work, but I definitely know what doesn't. And I have decided to try something new.

My first thought is to expand my readership. I need to focus beyond my local market, and I have been reading and researching a lot these past two years. I have some creative ideas on how to branch out. Again, I'm not sure what will work, so I plan on experimenting a little. I am in no way a marketing executive, but I realize, I need to take a more active role in getting the word out there about my writing.

I have also redesigned my blog. Have you noticed a difference? There is so much more I want to do with the design, but Blogger is a bit limited. I like the simplicity of Blogger, so I'm staying here for now.

Last, A Future Spring is reformatted, and I have corrected (I think) all those pesky errors that were included in the first publication. I have come to discover that I am not a formatter. I do not like doing it because I tend to be a perfectionist. I don't know enough about it to create a perfectly formatted manuscript, and to spend the time learning how to perfectly format a manuscript, will only take away my time and energy from my writing.

So for book three, I have decided to  hire a professional company to do the cover and formatting for me. I learned of this company through a writer friend, and they are just what I am looking for to polish my third manuscript. There are a massive amount of books out there to compete with, and there is no way I can really compete, but I can improve on what I have done, and with each book I will strive to do a little better. I'm excited about it. I've seen their work and they are very impressive. I have some really good feelings about Incorruptible. Just wait until you see the graphic I am using for the cover. I can't wait to show all of you!

Well, I guess that's it for now.

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