25 September 2016

Vocation is Published

After three years, Vocation is finally published.

I started writing Vocation in August of 2013. I began writing my second novel while my first novel was being critiqued. Three years later, it is finished, and there were times when I doubted this day would ever come.

Three years is a long time, and a lot has changed. I can say I am not the person I was, and I have learned a lot about writing, publishing, and my readers. I have also discovered what kind of writer I am.

However, the greatest lesson I have learned is--that I am a writer, and I always was. I just didn't realize it.

Book three (Incorruptible) is still flowing out of me. My creative flow was interrupted while I was re-formatting AFS and publishing Vocation, but now I'm back to writing again, and I am really excited about where this novel is taking me.

Now, I have to send Bridget, Philip, Mark, and the rest of my friends out into the world. I have spent three long years with them, and I am saying good-bye. It is hard because they are all a part of me.

You can find their story here on Amazon.

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