08 November 2016

Keep Smiling

I came across this scene, and I decided to snap a photo. I'm not sure why, but I wanted to capture the moment. The scene that caught my attention was a cart of discarded pumpkins, sitting on campus, outside the science building, waiting to be discarded. I saw it and walked by it the first day. The next day it was still there, so I snapped a picture.

After I took the photo, I studied it for a while, wondering why I wanted to snap it in the first place. Thinking about it created a range of emotions that I couldn't quite put into words.

My first impression was that everything is temporary and fleeting. Halloween was only one week ago, and these pumpkins had already outlived their purpose. I thought, couldn't whoever had placed them there wait one more week? They are not rotting. Surely, they could survive one more week. But no, they had served their purpose.

Then I thought about how they were still smiling. Carved pumpkins begin to lose their faces when they begin to rot.  But these pumpkins are still smiling--totally unaware of their fate.

Then I thought of us and election day and what our future might be and how so many people don't quite get the impact it will all have for generations to come. And they seem like these smiling pumpkins--totally unaware of their fate, trusting flawed human beings to save them.

Of course, there are many of us who put our faith in a greater Power than the Democratic party or the Republican party.

So my last thought about my photo of the smiling pumpkins is: keep smiling because God is in control.

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