16 December 2016

A Review For Vocation

Finally, a review has come in for Vocation. I now have a four-star review on Goodreads, and I am very excited. Sure, the reviewer is a friend of mine, but he is also an author, so the review means a lot coming from someone who writes novels himself.

I am a little removed from Vocation now, and it is fun to read a reader's response to my story. Bridget struggled throughout the novel, and I struggled throughout writing it. In many ways, I miss hanging out with her and maybe in the new year, I'll pick up the novel and read it once again--this time as a reader.

Now, a quick update on book four.

Book four will most likely be a novella. I will include it with Incorruptible as a follow-up story. I had plans to write it as a full-length novel, and there is enough material for me to do that, but as I was writing, I began to realize I am going to reveal some things in the lives of characters that are mentioned briefly in Incorruptible. I wanted to visit with these characters because I had some questions of my own. However, visiting these character will create spoilers for Incorruptible, so to avoid that, I thought the best thing to do is to include the novella right after the main story--almost as a part two, and maybe it will eventually become part two. If I publish the novella alone, someone could read it before Incorruptible and spoil the mystery. I will keep you posted on my progress.

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