01 December 2016

Update on Incorruptible

I had some time over the Thanksgiving holiday to work on my third manuscript. Surprisingly, after going through the first draft, I found very little I needed to change. I actually added more than I deleted. All the scenes seem important to the plot, and I had to develop a few scenes and one character in particular. Right now the word count is 117,829. 

I'm just about ready to send it off to my critique partners. They will be able to tell me if the story makes sense and if there are any non-essential scenes or characters. The plot of this book is a little more complicated than my first two, so they will also be helping me with continuity. 

The one thing that really makes this book different is I have a mystery at the root of the plot that drives the action forward. My critique partners will read it to see if the mystery unfolds in a way that keeps the reader interested. Then when they give me feedback, I expect to have the real editing begin. 

My hope is to publish Incorruptible in the summer of 2017. 

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