22 June 2016

The 2nd Most Exciting Thing About Writing A Novel

This week I applied for the copyright to Vocation, and I am one step closer to publication. Applying for a copyright is probably the second most exciting thing about writing a novel.  I’m not sure why I find it so exciting. Maybe because it is a confirmation that the novel actually exists. Copyright makes it official, maybe like a birth certificate of sorts. I don’t really know.

And what is the most exciting thing about writing a novel? The first reader’s feedback. And I can’t wait.

Just this past month, I’ve gone through a whole range of emotions about this novel. After reading it so many times, I was at the point that I thought it was the worst thing I have ever written. Who would ever read it? But then after a healthy distance, I re-read it one last time, and I can honestly say, it’s not half bad. It’s mine. I wrote it, and I’m pretty happy about it.