27 October 2016

Weekly Update

Just a quick update.

The Goodreads giveaway for Vocation is open now. Enter to win a free, signed copy of my second novel!

I am also getting my new writing desk in working order. I can't wait to show everyone what I have planned. After almost four years of serious writing, I will now, for the first time, have my own writing space. Wait until you see it! The theme of my new work space is awesome, if I may say so myself. 

And I am plugging away at Incorruptible. Here is the word count . . . 

The first draft is almost complete. I have approached this novel in a different way. Usually I edit while I write, but this time, I wrote and wrote and wrote, with very little editing. I imagine the first edit will be rough, but after that, things will get easier. I actually enjoy the editing process, but I think some of my original story will end up cut. Even certain characters may not make it to the final copy. Characters always surprise you. Sometimes they start out as major and end up minor, and sometimes you are totally surprised when someone pops up out of nowhere and becomes essential to the plot.

I am nearing the ending now, and it is not the ending I had anticipated. That is really new to me. In my first two books, I knew the ending very early on. This time, even I was surprised.

That's all for now.

17 October 2016

My Father's Desk Has a New Life

This weekend I was finally able to paint my father's desk. I took the desk home with me in April after my father passed away, and I have been waiting patiently to refinish it and make it my own. So, on Saturday the weather cooperated, my husband cooperated, and my body cooperated, and I was able to paint it. The paint I used was from Velvet Finishes. I actually combined two colors to get the medium green I was looking for, and in case you're curious, I combined Enchanting (a kelly green) with Luxurious (black) to get the shade I wanted.

Here is the before . . .

Here is the after . . .

This "after" photo was taken while the second coat was drying.

I can't say enough good things about Velvet Finishes. Everything they claim on their website is true. It dried quickly. There was no harsh smell. And it didn't streak! I am really pleased with it and can't wait to show all of you when it is in its place in the house and in use. Right now it is in my living room until I move and shift some things around. I ordered a special drawer knob to go with the theme. Yes, my desk has a theme, and I will share that theme with you as soon as it is decorated.

I have also been working hard on Incorruptible. At the last count, the manuscript is 92,500 words. I still have a bit of the story to go, but the first draft is near completion.