01 January 2017

My Goal For 2017

I came across this quote a few years back, and I found it to be interesting. It goes against the grain, so to speak. I thought I would write my first post of 2017 around it, since now is the time people make resolutions and goals for the year. 

Here is the quote from actor Greg Kinnear . . . "Setting goals can blind you to opportunities. You might be trying to get to point C; when opportunity B comes, you don't even look at it because you're going straight to C. I've never had a clear road map. When things come along, I benefit."

I find this quote to be filled with truth. He doesn't say it here, and I don't know if he was even thinking on these lines, but to me, it means God is in control. God takes you places you are never prepared for and can never plan for. If you are seeking your own goals, you cannot see the plan God has laid out for you. Why have a clear road map of your own when God is driving? 

So, for me, 2017 will not be filled with resolutions or goals. I guess my only goal will be to sit back and let God do the driving. I won't say I will relax, because I need to be alert to the signs He places along the road. But, this year, I will try to trust God's road map and not my own.  

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