31 January 2017

Update on the Writing Life

Yesterday I received a text message from a friend asking if I could meet up with her. It seems she wants to pick my brain on writing. So naturally, I am beyond excited. There is nothing I would rather do than talk about writing, and there is nothing more exciting than talking with someone who is about to jump into the world of publishing.

After I received her message, it occurred to me how much I've missed talking about writing, not my writing, but writing in general, the process. So, I've decided to take a few steps to begin surrounding myself with other authors--both local and cyber. I have a few ideas I am going to explore, and I will keep you posted.

I’ve also been writing--a lot. In fact, Corruptible is finished, and I plan to combine it with Incorruptible this week and get down to the final edits. 

I’ve also started book four, and that’s really exciting. I won't say a lot about it yet, but I think it will take me to new and unexpected places, and I think, to darker places I've never been before. It is going to be a real journey.

Yes, I have a lot going on in my writing life. 

It's all good, so stay tuned. 

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