20 February 2017

I Have an Editor

Yes, I have an editor! I am so excited. I really feel I am now entering a new phase in my writing life. Hiring a professional editor is a huge leap for me, and I am convinced my writing can only improve.

I won't lie. Hiring a professional editor is an expense, and for the last four years, I have put the whole idea on the back burner. I simply didn't think my writing deserved the investment. After all, it was just a hobby.

But now, circumstances have forced me to ask myself: Can I afford to hire a professional editor? Then I asked myself the more important question: Can I afford not to?  And I realized, I can no longer wait. If I want to treat my writing with respect, now is the time to invest in its future.

An editor is probably the most vital thing a writer can have, and it is a important decision. Any editor won't do. You need an editor who can tap into your writing style, not change it, but improve it. And I have hired the perfect person for the job.

I actually feel very good about my decision. In many ways it will take away the stress in publishing. I know I will now be publishing the best manuscript I can, and that, itself, gives me a feeling of freedom.

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