10 March 2017

Friday Update

Next week I will send off my novella, Corruptible, to my editor. I am excited to see what she thinks and what advice she offers. I think our working relationship will be a good fit. She’s an author herself, and I am a fan of her novels. I’m already learning a lot from her, and if I can be half the writer she is, then I will be happy.

While she is editing Corruptible, I will be working hard on its companion novel, Incorruptible. I handed the manuscript off to beta readers last December, and from the feedback I have received, it is in great need of work. Writing the novella has actually helped me iron out some of the problems with the novel, and I’m confident that I can have a good final draft ready to hand over to my editor in a month or two. I’m taking my time with this one. That is one valuable lesson I have learned in my writing life—patience.

Incorruptible is long, really long. I know I'm going to have to cut a lot. Some characters or scenes may have to go, but in the end it will make for a stronger story. This is a big change from my first two novels, where I had to actually add scenes to make the story stronger.

I am also working on my fourth novel. I have a few scenes written, but mostly I am formulating the plot in my mind. That’s how it works with me. Usually, while editing one novel, I’m thinking of the plot line for the next. I’m beginning to grow attached to the main character now, and I’m anxious to start writing.

Finally, I’ve been thinking about writing a non-fiction book. The idea has cropped up now and then, and I have pushed it out of my mind for reasons I won’t go into right now. But it keeps nagging at me, so I think I’ll begin that project once Incorruptible is in the hands of my editor.  The idea won’t go away, so that is a sign for me to take the idea seriously.

That’s all for now.

Stay tuned.

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