25 June 2017

VHS Magnetic Tape, Recycling, and Crochet

I have been out of the crochet circles for some time now. I think since I began writing novels, I have crocheted maybe 3 things--maybe. Right now I have a baby afghan in the works, but I always have something more important to do than working on a baby afghan that I really have no plans for. I had the yarn. I had the pattern, so I just decided to make one. But, I am just not that motivated to finish it. And for me, to crochet something these days, I really need to be motivated. I find crocheting mundane now. I would rather be writing or researching or thinking and plotting my next novel.

Now, this weekend I was doing some cleaning, and I took a trip to the local Salvation Army with a box full of CDs, VHS tapes, and DVDs. The clerk laughed at me when he saw what I was handing him (that's another blog post). 

Later, I decided to do an internet search to see how I might recycle old VHS tapes--you know, the ones you used to tape things on. You can't donate them anywhere, and we have tons--I mean tons--because my husband taught high school and he used them a lot in the classroom. 

Well, as it turns out, recycling VHS tapes is not as easy as it sounds. The plastic case can be sent to recycling, but the magnetic tape itself cannot be recycled. 

That is a problem. 

Now, I am not a green freak, but I do care about what I'm throwing into a land fill. And imagining streams of VHS tape strangling a seagull (sorry) puts fear in me. 

Do you see where I'm going with this yet? 


Well, there is a company that will take VHS tapes--magnetic tape and all, so I will most likely ship a boat load off to them. But, during my internet search for a recycling center, I found the awesome idea of using VHS magnetic tape to crochet with. The material is referred to as plarn (plastic + yarn = plarn). I have actually used plastic grocery bags to crochet rugs and other things, so the idea of using VHS tape to crochet with is exciting. Suddenly, I've become motivated to make something out of the miles and miles of VHS tape I have sitting in my house.

I'll let you know when I decided what I'm making.

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