17 August 2017

Update on Incorruptible

This week, I’m having the cover of Vocation redesigned. It comes at a good time because I’ve been asked to write a short article about my writing for our library’s newsletter. I would like to use the new cover for the article.

I am almost finished with the re-writes on Incorruptible. I deleted a whole scene this last pass-through. Now, I want to read it one last time, as a reader, to see if the story flows. That is next to impossible. I have read the story so many times that I really can’t read it with new eyes, so I am considering hiring a developmental editor. The plot of this book is complex, and I want to be sure there is consistency throughout the book. I am thinking of getting a few quotes for this service. I’m hoping to get a general critique of the story, skip hiring a line editor, and move to a proofreader. I’m still undecided, though.

After the new cover for Vocation is finished, I will have the cover for A Future Spring done. Then all my books will have a professional, uniform look--all part of that branding.

Oh, and I’m almost ready to send Incorruptible off for its copyright!

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