11 January 2018

A Facebook Update

I now have an author Facebook page. For those of you who would like to follow me, you can find it here. One of the benefits of having a page on Facebook is that there is a shop tab that takes you directly to Amazon to purchase my books. That is pretty convenient!

I've been doing a lot of research on marketing, and I've picked up some inside information. I have a few new things in the works, and I'll be back blogging to fill you in on everything.

A quick update on Incorruptible . . . it is formatted and ready for proofing. I am just waiting for my proof copy to come in the mail. This is a hard copy of the book as it will be printed. I've seen the formatting in electronic form, and I must say, it is going to be beautiful. One last read-through, and it is on to publication.

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