My Writing Desk

I inherited my father's desk when he passed away last year.

I refinished it to make it my own writing desk.

Each item on my desk has a special meaning. 

Mary Shelley is one of my favorite authors. Frankenstein is probably my favorite book. I purchased this candle from a seller on Etsy (Werther & Gray). When I saw he offered a candle called Mary Shelley, I had to buy it. It smells of black oak, and it is indescribable. The scent of the candle is more suited for the fall, but that doesn't stop me. I burn it whenever I need inspiration.

Here is the little notebook I keep right alongside my computer. Whenever I have a word or a phrase or something to research, I jot it down here. There have been times when I have awakened with a thought in my mind, and I write it here so I don't lose it. I like the snake, and I think it is very medieval looking. It is also reminiscent of a quote from Frankenstein-- "Beware, for I am fearless and therefore powerful. I will watch with the wiliness of a snake, that I may sting with its venom. Man, you shall repent of the injuries you inflict." 

My friend sent me flowers in this vase when my first book was published. It sits on my writing desk as a reminder that anything is possible. As you see, it is purple, the signature color of A Future Spring.

This is an original miniature watercolor painted by artist, Masha Laurence. I have purchased many of her prints over the years, but when I saw this original piece, I had to have it. It is a one of a kind. The title of the painting is Dreaming Catherine. It is a portrait of the heroine, Catherine Moreland, from Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey. But, for me, it carries a whole other meaning. 

I have a new candle for my desk.  I received it from a friend as an early birthday gift.